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Transform Data

The Data Transformer is helpful for editing and manipulating your csv files and Google Sheets. Upon importing the default raw data, we can create a snapshot of data. Feel free to rename this snapshot to whatever is most applicable to your dataset. It's helpful to autosize columns to see the entirety of the values within the rows. Here are some basic functions:

  • Group by column name or attributes. We do this function by dragging and clicking into the top area.

  • Perform calculations such as averages, summations, etc. on numerical columns. In this application, we can average the latitude and longitudes in each group to generally figure out where continents would be. Additionally, we can sum populations or any other metric within each continent. 

  • Filter either numerically or categorically. For example, we can show just China, or maybe find countries with populations over a certain threshold. There are a variety of functions for filtering under each column.

  • Sort either alphabetically or numerically. We do this by using the valuation first mechanism.

Now that we have the basic functions down, we can update the snapshot and create the map by selecting the correct snapshot under source. First, we create the map using latitude and longitude by selecting the appropriate chart type and snapshot under Chart. 

To get back to your edited data snapshot, click the Edit button in your Data Source menu. Remember to select the appropriate snapshot in the Data Transformer to make further edits.