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Dot Sizes

Here's a quick walkthrough of Dot Size settings within Swarms. 

An important setting that will help distinguish your data is Size. By default, the size is set to a fixed value which can be made larger or smaller by using the arrows to the right of the number, or by simply typing in the desired value. Another way to size dots is by scale, which is based on any numerical column in your data. 

By default, Flow will analyze the minimum and maximum values within your dataset and scale that to the dot sizes you specify to work within that range. You can uncheck the Auto-Range and set the ranges based on your preference.

While the default dot is a circle, you can choose from other shapes as well. You may need to adjust the size of the dots to make up for the smaller area in the other shapes.

Remember that in AR and VR, the dots actually have a size in the real world, so if you are going to want your audience to be comfortable in those settings, check out your Flow to see that the dots are big enough to see, and not so huge they fill up the room.