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Performance limitations within Flow

Simultaneous points rendering limitations

Some customers have noted that tools like Galvanize, Alteryx, and Tableau have no limits on the sizes of ingested files.

First, data sizes with a system designed to work well in 3D, on a phone, or on an XR headset have some inherent performance limitations of 3D rendering engines.

In addition, in 3D you can literally see all the available data points simultaneously, whereas Tableau would never try to have you look at 100,000 rows in a table without scrolling and paging (not simultaneously). The inherent nature of visualizing in 3D enables the display of much larger datasets within a user’s field of view than you would ever attempt on a 2D screen.  In a way, Flow enables you to see 1000 times the number of rows than typical Tableau graphs, so it is Tableau that has visualization performance limitations, not Flow.